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Advantages And Disadvantages Of VacationRental Condos

Vacations are for relaxation, and people travel to other places for a change and have a good relaxing time. However, COVID-19 halted travel or even getting out of the house for more than two years.

As life is getting back on track, so are people back to traveling-visiting new places, exploring the culture, and trying delicious food.

Many are already traveling, while some are thinking of having a good summer vacation. Going to a beach, see the ocean and deep blue water and make up for the lost time. Their main concern is the play for staying as in hotels there are people in good numbers.

We understand your concern; therefore, we are here with another option that you can consider- renting a condominium, or in simple words, renting a condo. Here we’ll tell the advantages of staying at condos for a vacation. However, like any other place, they have some disadvantages. So, read the full blog to learn about both aspects of staying at a condo.

Advantages of Vacation Condo Rentals:

Your Temporary Home

You go out of your comfort home for vacations. But, what if you stay in a tiny room with no extra space or room with no kitchen.

That’s why renting a condo for vacation and making it your temporary home is the best option to avoid stressing over less space or a small room. In these vacation condo rentals, you’ll get everything you need in a place away from home.

More Rooms

If you are traveling with your family, renting condos is a better option as you’ll have more rooms, unlike hotels where you book only a single room. Not only that, there will be more than one bathroom, kitchen, and balcony, enough space for you and your family to roam freely and enjoy the view from the balcony. You can also cook your meal if you want to, whenever you want to.


Most of the time, staying in a good hotel costs more than expected. So, either stay in a single room or pay a hefty sum for a bigger or multiple rooms for vacation. However, many vacation rental providers provide condos and other vacation rental properties for the same amount you’d pay for a decent room. So, save money by booking these rental condo services.

Your Choice

You can always choose the type of condos you will stay in for the vacation. Or, what certain facilities do you require in your temporary home. In the hotel, you have limited facilities, and you might know about them beforehand. But, in a vacation rental, you choose the property, facilities, and services you want at an affordable price.

Freedom To Eat Whenever You Want

When you stay at a hotel, you have to follow the meal schedule set by the hotel and eat whatever it has on its menu. Although there might be a lot of delicious dishes, it might miss the one you would like to have. So in rentals, since you will have your kitchen, you can cook whatever you want to eat, any time of the day. Also, if you have some dietary restrictions, you can easily make your meals without worrying about the restrictions or allergic reactions.

Location Of Your Choice

Hotels are situated at a particular place, so you don’t have any choice of living in a place you would like to stay. But, with these rental properties, you can choose the location you desire, depending on the availability. You also live among the locals and explore the local area without spending money on commuting from hotels.

Disadvantages of Vacation Condo Rentals:

We have mentioned some advantages of staying in a vacation condo rental. However, as mentioned earlier, every place has advantages and disadvantages. So now, we will share some disadvantages you should know before renting a condo for your vacations.

No Assistance

In a hotel, you will have staff for everything. Cleaning staff, chefs, receptionists, managers, drivers, etc., will be there for your assistance. But, when you choose a rental, you are in contact with the owner or the rental service provided. Other than that, you have to manage everything by yourself. No chefs, no cleaning staff, no driver, or manager to solve any issue. So, be prepared to solve any problem that would arise during your stay at the rental property.

No Transport Facility

Many hotels provide transport facilities or at least include them in their service for people to use it if they want. However, you won’t get any travel-related facilities or services when using vacation rental services. Instead, you have to hire or contract a travel services provider or bring your own vehicle, if possible. So, ensure you arrange your commuting medium beforehand.


Although you see the property before booking, there is a higher chance that some owners can scam you with fake information or misguide you. Therefore, you must research a lot and ensure you are moving into the same property you book online or by phone. Sometimes the property is the same, but the locality disappoints. For example, if you visit a place off-season, it won’t be as lively as you saw in the picture.

Bring Your Stuff

Usually, you get bedding and other necessary items when you book a room in a hotel. However, in vacation rentals, there is a possibility that you might get the bedding, towels, or other necessary stuff. So, research and ask the owner what kinds of stuff would be there when you reach there and what you might need to bring.


So, here, you have the advantages and disadvantages of renting or staying at a vacation condo or any other vacation rental. But, of course, if you get a bigger vacation rental, these advantages would be more than the ones mentioned above.


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